Claire S.

Chateau d'Allaman
Top floor

Open Wednesday to Sunday
14:00 to 19:00
Tel: 079.408.62.20

"I've always loved the romantic aspect of English porcelaine...there is something so feminine about the English style of home decor."

Claire Seyssel remembers the special pleasure of meals served on her mother and grandmother's beautiful China during her childhood in Montpellier, France.

Those childhood memories evolved into a collector's passion. Over the past ten years, Seyssel has collected a vast stock of porcelain, primarily English blue and white, but also romantic pieces from around Europe.

"I wanted to give other collectors the possibility to find pieces that would match their sets," she says. If you provide a photo or details, Claire will try to track down additional pieces for your existing dinner service.

The Claire S. boutique also features stenciled linens handmade by Seysell, and specializes in marriage lists.

The Galerie du Chateau Art Gallery, run by Claire's husband, occupies the adjourning boutique