Galerie du Chateau
Michel Seyssel

Chateau d'Allaman
Top floor

Open Wednesday to Sunday
14:00 to 19:00
Tel: 079.408.62.20

Impression Sunrise on the other side of the Atlantic:
Gallery owner Michel Seyssel shows off a unique example of American Impressionism: An image of Roosevelt Island, N.Y., by William Horton, an American artist who worked with Claude Monet at Giverney.

A visit to Michel Seyssel's gallery in the Chateau d'Allaman inevitably turns into a lesson in the history of modern art. Seyssel is both passionate and knowledgeable about the works he sells.

On the top floor of the Chateau d'Alleman, in an exhibition space next to his wife's porcelain shop, Seyssel displays works ranging from an unusual and highly decorative large scale water color by Raoul Dufy to works by Montmartre school painter Marlet, to contemporary Swiss painter Patrique Ferini, whose career Seyssel has helped promote.

In addition to work he purchases for resale, Seyssel also sells on consignment for private collectors.

"I want to give collectors a chance to buy important works at reasonable price," he says. "I believe that once we have a good relationship, those buyers will also return to me when they have works to sell."